Based on Bram Stoker’s imaginary story Dracula, we created a room perfectly fit for the atmosphere in the book. Our story requires the use of your imagination, focus and observation sense to find your way through a very challenging experience.

Although the scenery is designed to scare even the bravest of the players, the script and the games can be adjusted for children over 7.

So, what’s the story? You have been captured by Count Dracula and you are held prisoner in his dungeon. Night is one hour away and Dracula will wake up. If you manage to escape before that, you are off the hook! If not …

Bookings, difficulty and age groups
The “Egypt-deserted temple” escape room is meant for adults and children over 7, and it is designed by age groups. The game can also be adjusted for beginners and experienced players.

For information and bookings, please contact us at +40755 – PUZZLE (+40755.789.953).