Egypt: The Lost Temple

You will join the famous archaeologist Michael Warr and his team on their trip to Egypt, to the place were, supposedly, there is an ancient temple

After digging over the course of several months, you will finally find the temple, well hidden in sand. Then, you will find the access door through a secret passage. At the far end of the passage there is a room, apparently packed with all sorts of treasures. It actually hides a trap you will be stuck in. The walls will move slowly closer and closer, the door you came through is blocked by huge rocks and you only have an hour to escape. Do you think you can you escape this trap?

Bookings, difficulty and age groups
The “Egypt-deserted temple” escape room is meant for adults and children over 7, and it is designed by age groups. The game can also be adjusted for beginners and experienced players.

For information and bookings, please contact us at +40755 – PUZZLE (+40755.789.953).